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Lori Llewellyn, owner of My Roots Boutique, is a girl from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. Growing up, her roots were simple. With very few shopping options, finding trendy clothes meant travel to a major city. Shopping trips only happened once or twice a year, so picking the right styles was very important. With her adopted home needing more options, she brought a personal shopping experience with the latest styles out of NY and LA right to Downtown Dover Delaware.

Lori Llewellyn

About My Roots

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My Roots Boutique opened it’s doors in November 2017. Prior to opening her own business, Lori worked in a corporate world that required lots of travel, boring professional attire and nights away from her family. She started in business to be her own boss, share the clothing she loves and spend more time with her family.

 My Roots is a family affair. The ‘My Roots Littles’ are often in the store between school and sports practices, or just to spend some time with their “mums”. Their husbands handle moving displays and tinkering with the lighting; and family members, customers and friends get called upon to model clothes.

Lori and Jessica love the life and career they have created, and you’ll feel their good vibes the second you step through the door.

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